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Saturday, October 19, 2013

¡Muchas Graçias!

Thanksgiving is still a ways off, but I feel the need to express my gratitude to the people and companies that supported me through a pretty amazing season of racing.  Without them this whole thing wouldn't have happened.

So without further ado many, many thanks:

To Erica, for being my supreme supporter and manager, for the Camelbak hand-ups, for yelling at me to drink more, and for inspiring me to ride faster.  For accommodating the training hours; the weekends devoted to racing; the late dinnertimes; my inability to stay awake past 9pm; the weight-loss (I'm no longer a 195-pound beefcake); my finicky diet preferences; the financial burden of entry fees, travel costs, and gear purchases; and my (excessive?) focus on bikes and biking for most of the year.

To Rue, for not chewing the crap out of the house when I'm out for long rides that she can't participate in.  And for coming with me when she can.

To my parents, for their endless support, encouragement, and instigation of my drive to compete in these ridiculous athletic pursuits.

To Missy White, who donated the airline miles that allowed me to compete at the Fool's Gold 100.  And to Gary Faris, whose contribution helped Erica join me there.

This is an outdated photo of the crew, but it's the best I could find.  Pretty stunning shot!
Photo: Mark Fisher
To my cohorts at Creative Energies, for finding space in the truck to bring my bike with us when we're working on the road, and for shaping a creative work schedule to allow me the time off for traveling and racing.

To SuperDan, whose coaching helped me find success this season, and whose therapy has helped me find relief from less successful experiences.

To Pivot Cycles, for the LESter--the ultimate singlespeed ripper--and for their constant encouragement.  This is far and away the most fun bicycle I've ever ridden.

To American Classic, for this sweet Singlespeed Wheelset.  I've beat the hell out of these things, but they're still running smooth and true.  And they're light!

To Endless Bikes, for their sick singlespeed cogs.  They're LIGHT, attractive, and remarkably durable!  I rode and raced this one hard for 5 months before deciding that it was time to swap out for a fresh one.  That's far more riding than I've gotten out of any heavy steel cogs.

To Loaded Precision Products, for a variety of lightweight, strong, and attractive bits and pieces.  They complete my bike.

To Mountain Khakis, for helping keep me dressed.  It's important to have pants.

To the awesome people at Fitzgerald's Bicycles (it's worth clicking on the link!), my favorite bike shop on the planet, and to our amazing team--what passionate, motivated, supportive riders!  Thank you for believing in me.

And finally, to the cycling community!  I have gotten to connect with so many phenomenal people in the last couple of years, and my life is richer for it.  Thank you for the good energy, and for inspiring me to ride faster and race harder.  I can't wait to get out there again with you all next year.